Frequently Asked Questions


How can I log into my customer account?

What should I do if I have forgotten my password?

How can I update my personal information? 

How can I unsubscribe from the newsletter?


Do I require a customer account to place an order?

How can I place an order? 

Where can I find my orders and purchases? 

How do I know if an order is confirmed? 

How can I track the delivery of my orders? 

The item I want is no longer in stock. When will it be available?


What are the delivery times and charges?

To which countries can I receive delivery? 

Which carrier will deliver my order? 

Can I use a delivery address that is different to my billing address?

Will I be notified when my order has been shipped?

What type of notification will I receive once my package has arrived? (SMS, email, phone call...)

What happens if I cannot collect my package?

My order is faulty, what should I do?


How can I pay? 

How long after my payment will the amount be debited? 

How can I use my promotional code? 

What happens if my payment is not accepted? 

What is 3D Secure? 


How can I return my item? 

How can I track my return? 

Which carrier will handle my return? 

Do I have to cover the costs of my return? 

How will I know that the Aquasphere After-sales Service has safely received my item? 


When will I receive my refund? 

How does a refund with PayPal work? 

Can I get a refund to a different method of payment to that used when paying for my order?

How does my refund work if I used a promotional code when paying for my order?


Where can I find the size guide?


Are mirrored goggles more fragile than other types of goggles?

Do mirrored goggles fog less than other types of goggles?

How do you clean mirrored goggles?

Why are my goggles fogging up?

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