Curved Lens Geometry

Curved lens

Premium optics engineering based on 3 key placed radii, virtually eliminating distortion while delivering an uninterrupted 180° wide field of vision with exceptional hydrodynamics.




Durable anti-fog properties, whether it’s coated (polycarbonate lenses) or embedded (plexisol lenses), guarantee best visibility. For additional protection, check out our eco-friendly anti-fog solution Sea-Clr Antifog spray.

Light protection

Light protection

Embedded within the lens's material (polycarbonate and plexisol), the properties of our lenses protect your eyes from harmful rays.


Adjustable nose bridge

Interchangeable nose bridge

Customizable fit for swimmers to find a nose bridge that matches their face width and eye position. For a perfect comfortable fit and leak free seal.

Available for:


AFT Advanced Fit Technology

AFT: Advanced fit technology

A patented technology mixing matte and polished zones to the gasket. Provides softer grip to the face reducing marks on skin and offers watertight seal for maximum comfort.

Exo-CoreTM Technology


The bi-material frame technology combines exceptional stability with maximum comfort. The semi-rigid exoskeleton allows lens protection and integrated structure, while ultra soft Softeril material offers a streamlined, lightweight design with enhanced durability.

Available for:

Kaiman Exo

Quick fit buckle

Quick fit

Easy push button that makes tightening and loosening quick and simple, even while wearing. The micro-metric strap adjustment buckle streamlines the goggle and improves precision and comfort.

EZ Adjust buckles

E-Z adjust

Low profile strap allows for precise adjustment. Simply pull the straps back to your desired level of tension for a leak free fit or lift the buckle tabs and pull the goggle forward to loosen.

Pivot buckle

Pivoting buckle

Adjusts and rotates to the shape of the head for a perfect and comfortable fit.

Available for:

Vista Pro

Strap management

Stable strap

New patented Strap Management System enables the two straps to stay in uniform formation offering quick hassle-free adjustments and provides greater level of stability during dives and turns.

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